Absofacto is almost too good to accurately put into words, so you can imagine how excited I was when Visger began releasing new solo material this past October. First came “History Books”, then came “Lost the Map”, and just this past Wednesday, “Dissolve” was released.

“Dissolve” is a song that makes you feel at once comforted and completely lost, juxtaposing funky, heavy synth with ethereal backing vocals and lyricism about love and mixed messages. It takes all of the best parts of electronic pop – catchy melodies, delicate vocals, lush layered instrumentation – and combines them with a composition that holds a listener like a good book.

Of the new track, Visger says:

For me, making “Dissolve” was about capturing a feeling. This certain feeling that is so impossible to pin down that I almost don’t want to describe it in too much detail because I know I’ll get it wrong. It’s a blend of tragic, romantic, beautiful, and just a little bit cruel. ‘Doomed odyssey, all in the name of unrequited love’ stuff. That’s not quite it though; there I go, not getting it right. Told you I wouldn’t.

If “Dissolve” was about capturing a feeling that isn’t quite describable, boy did he hit the mark. It continues to amaze me that a single person can compose, perform, and produce something so lush and beautiful. So, now that we’re clear that I’m all sorts of head-over-heels for “Dissolve” – what do you think? Love the new Absofacto tunes? Let us know in the comments, and prepare for a healthy debate if you disagree.

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