As surname would suggest, Joshua Jesty is quite the humorous individual. We’re not here to talk about his stand-up comedy; we’ll save that for a later date. This multifaceted Clevelander is releasing his newest album tonight at Mahall’s in Lakewood and we think you should be there.


The album, I love you question mark, is a diverse display of what Jesty does best: craft songs that cannot easily be slipped into one genre or influence. There’s some evident 90s rock, alternative, and singer-songwriter qualities, but laced with funky beats and grungy guitars that keep you guessing. The seven-song EP, which features the adorable artwork of Emily Dove, delves into some interesting ideas revolving around relationships.

From the jump, Jesty kicks things up with “Count,” which explores thoughts of inadequacy while asking to not be written off.  “Bad Note” felt too close to home with “if I can’t get this right, right now / would you still let me mess up other parts of your life?” And while it’s difficult to choose one track as a favorite, for me it’s probably “I’m Into You,” with its thick layers of guitar and a Muse-like falsetto over all that grit. The album concludes with the beautiful track, “Hovering,” features Tara Hanish and Andrea Belding of Seafair as Jesty delicately croons.

Jesty has proved once again why he’s one of Cleveland’s best kept treasures: diversity in style as well as consistently strong songwriting. You’d be crazy to miss this show. $8 gets you in the door and a copy of Jesty’s I love you question mark. The Insurance Salesmen and Ottawa (formerly Tracy Morgan Freeman) will provide support. Show starts at 9pm. Be there.

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