Folk rockers Frontier Ruckus come to us by way of Michigan, where core members Matthew Milia and David Jones met when they were in high school. The pair began playing bluegrass tunes, but branched out when the boys went off to college, expanding to a six-piece before finally settling on the quartet format in which they currently tour. What sets Frontier Ruckus apart from the other folk rock bands is that they’re always evolving, embracing deeper and more intricate meanings with their lyricism, often embracing strange imagery alongside interesting instrumentation. Have you ever seen a saw played? You will if you come out to their show tonight at the Beachland tavern. Joining them will be fellow Midwestern musicians, Dolfish and By Light We Loom. Dolfish is a stunning storyteller who can draw his audience into his stories, leaving them feel as if they were involved firsthand. By Light We Loom comes to us by way of former indie folk ensemble Bethesda and embraces experimental electronic elements. Check out the video for “Bathroom Stall Hypnosis:”

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