It’s easy to love a band like These Knees. These Cleveland locals play sugary sweet indie pop, sometimes as a full band, sometimes as duet, or even as a solo performance. The band’s undeniably feel-good direction can be attributed to front-woman, Stephanie Trivison.

Photo by Trish DiFranco.

Photo by Trish DiFranco.

Beginning with tinny vocals, I was initially caught off guard. Though I didn’t love the introduction at first, I’ve come to really enjoy the quirkiness of that small detail. A loud “HEY!” kicked The Young and the Bright into motion, and from that point forward, I was pleasantly surprised.

The punk-influenced “Ohio” stands out against most of the other tracks. It’s a driving song, continually moving forward and only interrupted briefly by an easygoing interlude. Trivision’s range is excellently demonstrated in the juxtaposition between the aforementioned track and “Wait”. “Wait” focuses largely on the vocals and lyrics; the refreshing piano-driven ballad is powerful and climactic.

Trivison’s fierce vocals are comparable to Sierra’s from VersaEmerge. They’re warm and light, youthful and exuberant. Her vocals accent the catchy pop melodies that fill These Knees’ debut. Trivison demonstrates a knack for creating hooks that stick; listen to “Pacifica” if you’re in need of convincing.

The Young and the Bright is These Knees’ first full-length album, released September 3rd, 2013. Rather than to summarize the album’s sound, I’d prefer to close on the its effect. It’s one of those albums where you can’t help but smile, and I did, and I still am.

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