It’s been a hot minute since we’ve seen a proper new album from Milwaukee’s Myles Coyne but he did grace us with a great 4-track EP last November. He’s floated in and out of other bands and lived his life out of a tour van for so long that it’s nice to see him returning to his solo project. We are thrilled to premiere his latest video!

Never one to stick to one genre, “Still Friends/Moon” plays out like a soft ballad at first but quickly morphs into an upbeat indie rock tune with layers of instrumentation as deep as the underwater antics in the video.

Complete with inside jokes, cameos, and Myles’ ever-present muse Suha (his cat), the video is a Yellow Submarine-esque adventure that pits the dymanic duo on an incredible journey that spans space, sea, and everything in between. It was gorgeously animated by illustrator Brandon Evans and fits the song like a glove. Here’s what Myles himself had to say regarding the video.

The video concept came from a few quick storyboards that I had spat out pretty quickly. It was practically chicken scratch when I handed it off. Brandon then turned it around and animated the entire storyboard to a T. I was pretty surprised. Here I thought he was going to use the project as a minimal, black & white screen test, when he actually expanded the entire world, added real landmarks, close friends as cameos, and everything was in full color. I’m hanging out at his house for Packer games and he’s handing me full out character designs for my cat. It was a pretty surreal, George Lucas, experience. That guy [Brandon] really went above and beyond on this project. I couldn’t be more pumped.

Stream it for yourself below and get pumped.

If you’re in the Milwaukee area and want to be one of the first to get your hands on more Myles, check out his EP release show on Saturday March 12th at Company Brewing (735 E Center St). $10 at the door gets you into the show and a copy of the cassette EP! RSVP here.

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