Milwaukee 4-piece Temple formed a few years back and have been mastering their own artful form of indie punk with a bit of emo mixed in. Today, we’re very pleased to premiere their new music video.

Their latest 7″, Kill / Let Die,  was released just last week and with it comes a brand new video for the track “Massive Star”. While the song is technically a B-Side it certaintly holds its own as a single. The video, directed by Todd LaVictoire of Stranded G Productions, mixes scenes of the bands energetic live show with some goofing off on the road. It serves as a 4 minute tour diary of sorts and almost gives you the sense that you were there on their cross country adventures.

The song itself has a punchy bassline and some nice guitar melodies. Singer/guitarist Jamie Yanda belts out three well-crafted verses about broken egos, death, and loss until the song fades to a pause. A gentle guitar melody brings it back in as it builds to a driving instrumental jam. The two halves may seem like they belong to different songs at first but they work surprisingly well together and give the song an incredible energy. Check it out for yourself below.

You can stream and download “Massive Star” along with the new track “Like Nothing In This Life” via Temple’s bandcamp or pick up both songs on a 7″ record via Texas Is Funny Recording Company. The release is a collaboration of indie record labels Waybridge, Guard, and Suspended Soul Tapes & Records and it’ll look great on your record player.

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