Article and photography submitted courtesy of Luke Slisz.

Last Friday, MGMT kicked off its latest tour with a mostly winning show at the Myth in Minnesota. Amid potted plants, a pair of roman columns, and projections of digital, psychedelic visuals, the band played a competent set that leaned heavily on material from its latest album, Little Dark Age. The band didn’t shy away from its massive trio of early singles, which it smartly dispersed throughout the night instead of saving them for the end of the concert. “Time to Pretend,” “Electric Feel,” and “Kids” unsurprisingly received the most rapturous responses from the audience, especially “Kids”, which the band extended by segueing into an infectious, 80’s-inspired synth jam during the bridge.

Newer singles also got the crowd moving, especially “Me and Michael”, a song whose popularity was made clearly evident by the fan-made recreations of the “MGMT ARE BACK” signs from the song’s video that could be seen in the crowd.

While the band has never been known as a great live act (mostly due to their stage presence, which admittedly pales in comparison to their often-heady songwriting), the strength of the band’s songs was all it needed to win the audience over on Friday. Although a couple technical issues occasionally stalled the concert and prevented it from morphing into one seamless dance party, the band still put on an enjoyable show full of songs that will stick with the crowd for days, even though the live performances of them might not.

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