Sayth released a new track over the weekend, and it has me way more giddy than a 26-year-old should be. For those wondering what exactly could get such a normal human (such as myself) so worked up, there’s only one answer: Pokémon.

Yes, Pokémon! You read correctly – Sayth’s “Rare Candy” samples one of my generation’s favorite Gameboy games, Pokémon Blue. But it’s way more than just the sample that makes the song so great – the rapper cleverly weaves Pokémon references throughout, touching on themes of our overly-connected, social media society and the temperance of our experiences. With this sample, it’d be easy to mess it up take an approach that’s too ‘novelty’. Luckily for us, Sayth has more sense than that, and created an original song with valid lyrics and killer delivery. Check it out below:

Sayth has done it again. Since I’ve been following this musician, he’s consistently put out awesome (and entirely relateable) music, and “Rare Candy” is no exception.

May 31 at Gilbert Garage Festival in Eau Claire, WI
Jun 06 at House Of Rock in Eau Claire, WI
Jun 19 at Hudson House inEau Claire, WI

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