You wouldn’t believe that mr.phylzzz was just made up of two people with the racket they make. The Cincinnati duo, which is made up of Clinton Vearil on guitar/vocals and Ray Redmon on drums, packs a lowfi punch on their latest EP, Sounds Like Everybody Else. Unlike the title of the EP, mr.phylzzz sound is anything but like everybody else.

The second track of the EP, “NO PLANZZZ”, starts off with deceiving smooth and subtle guitar plucking that abruptly transforms a noise rock anthem. Vearil’s super-charged shrieks blend in with the heavy-hitting cacophony. “NO PLANZZZ” is a bone-rattling, shaky roller coaster ride that leaves you wanting another go at it when it’s over.

Sounds Like Everybody Else is available now on the band’s Bandcamp page. Although it’s free to download, throw some money at these guys and support your local midwest music.

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