Milwaukee-based duo, Dream Attics, released their first track, “Like a Pretty Song”, in October of 2013. Fans of Dan Croll will absolutely love this track as it shares his light, wistful vocal style. Poppy, electronic accents, hand-claps, and marimbas fill the song from start to finish; actually, it’s most likely the marimba (and associated upbeat tone) that make me want to describe Dream Attics as a Wisconsin version of Discovery.

Members Shane English (of The Gazettiers) and Nick Tovarek (of Kane Place Record Club) are responsible for the cheerful music that follows. If you’re in the mood for dreamy tunes and softly, emotive lyrics, listen below:

Everything comes together to form a light, atmospheric piece totally fitting of its name. Check out the links below and give it a spin (or a few). A full-length album from the duo is due out later this year.

Dream Attics Bandcamp | Facebook