If the giant Robocop statue proves anything, it’s that the art scene is alive and well in Detroit. This is certainly true with illustrator and designer Shawn Knight of the city’s suburbs; he has been producing great pieces there for years.

His taste for collage work developed during his years at College for Creative Studies. Shawn Knight knows he can make art that looks cool – he has been since his band-flyer days. His real challenge comes in creating art that “makes sense”. Though, according to his biography, Shawn “accidentally just makes stuff look cool and feels bad about it later”.

Sounds like a problem I wish I had.

For your viewing pleasure, some of Shawn’s work is below. His web portfolio contains a healthy mix of freelance art and corporate work. The pieces below are all music industry projects, gig posters and such, displaying a mind-boggling amount of intricacy, collage influences, and a textural qualities.

After many years at various agencies, Shawn currently works as a freelance designer in Ferndale, Michigan. Follow the links at the below for more.

Shawn Knight Official | Facebook | GigPosters.com