Flour has never looked so good. Neither has chili powder or… well, coffee looks good by default, but now it’s downright gorgeous. We’ve got Danielle Evans to thank for combining various foodstuffs with a passion for illustrative type for us to enjoy.

Currently settled in Columbus, Ohio, Evans calls herself a ‘child of the Midwest’. She has inhabited steel towns of western Pennsylvania, vast plains of Indiana, and everywhere in between before settling in Ohio. Check out more of her creations below.



Most recently, she assisted with social media project, ‘Food for Thought’, with Target. Food for Thought consists of ten illustrations in French and English, and the team was even generous enough to fly Danielle out to chat about her process.

What do you think of Danielle’s Food Typography? Like the rest of her work, it’s fun, quirky, and a great display of her lettering skills! Any food typography to suggest?

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