If you weren’t paying attention back in April of this year (shame on you), then you most likely missed the premiere of “Lately” by the Midwestern Hip Hop champion WebsterX. While this is certainly not the first time he has graced the pages of MWA, this might one of his strongest releases to date.

Back in August he took his song “Lately” and complimented an already phenomenal song with even more impressive visuals. His video release has been steadily rising with over 18,000 views so far and it just keeps climbing.

Admittedly I am little bias, but I love WebsterX and what he is doing for Hip Hop. While there are a lot of great videos true to a form of what has be done and repeated, this man is dedicated to creating art and pushing the bounds of what music can do. While I love a lot of variants of hip hop, this is something unique to itself.

Watch his latest video right here but make sure you do so in full screen or you’re just wasting it really.

You can check out the rise to fame of WebsterX with some of our previous entries here on Midwest Action and you can catch him all the standard social media pages. This is an artist you need to keep an eye on so that when he conquers all you can be happy knowing you’re not late to the party.

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