We’re happy to premiere the new video for Metavari‘s “Witchhunt”.

Indiana’s Metavari released the music video for “Witchhunt” early this morning, off their upcoming album Symmetri. In “Witchhunt” we’re introduced to a motel, but as the track grows more overbearing, the reality we’re introduced to is transformed to a world of full distortion. This visual grows alongside the intensity of the track.

To Metavari’s Nathaniel David Utesch, this track needed vocals, and he knew that early on. Like the cherry on top of a music-sundae, “Witchhunt” features Daniel Weyandt of metal outfit, Zao. Connected by common life experiences and a love for horror, the pair seemed to share a singular vision for the track. In a sense, Weyandt’s contribution feels more like an organic collaboration than a simple feature. The vocals are set in the mix so that they fit seamlessly with the electronic instrumentation of the track, but not so far back that they’re indecipherable.

Watch “Witchhunt” below:

Says Utesch of working with Zao’s Daniel Weyandt:

I was absolutely speechless (read also: crying) when I read his lyrics for “Witchhunt” for the first time. Specifically: “My own hands shall wrap and shape the rope that binds me to the stake. Ash and smoke dance in the ear. Membranes between dimensions tear.”

Symmetri will be out on November 10, 2017 via Light in the Attic, with a special limited color variant available through Mondo. Preorder Symmetri‘s exclusive variant here for $25, or through Light in the Attic here for $21/$25.

Metavari is Nathaniel David Utesch.

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