Wealthy Relative is the working moniker of the Minneapolis based rapper, producer, designer and visual artist Dan Forke. This impressive, multidisciplinary approach to the creative process allows him to fully immerse the audience in a unique aesthetic. His latest offering is a strong primer for anyone looking to get lost in the all-too-self-aware, metaphysical world of Wealthy Relative. “Becoming” is the second single off the upcoming full length, entitled If You Let It, out today, November 24. The track itself feels holistic, you can hear tweeting birds and the living hiss and crackle of old vinyl samples; it gives you the depth and realism you need to feel the weight of Dan’s methodically monotonous and simultaneously nonchalant rhymes and powerful one liners. Pair that with a visual collage of pastel colored new age psychedelia and snippets from his childhood and you get a small window into one of art rap’s bright young minds.

Listen to more Wealthy Relative below:

Feel those vibes live in Eau Claire on Nov 29th for the record release show and on January 7th in Minneapolis at First Ave, both shows featuring SloSlyLove and Sayth.

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