I haven’t seen a music video I really (and I mean really) loved in a long time.

I discovered one today, and I have Color Television, the brainchild of Chicago multi-instrumentalist Hayden Beck, to thank.

A mixture of synth, keys, and groovy bass result in this Gorillaz-esque soundscape known as “It’s A Feeling”. Electric visuals accompany haunting falsettos, keys, and thumping bass. The video pulsates with the music, combining all things to create the perfect marriage of visuals and sound. This succession of masterfully composed photo collages lead me to one question: What world is this video taking place in?

I’m not really sure, but it’s drenched in dream pop, and I want to swim in it. So, sit your ass down and join me.

The Hadron Pond is the first full LP from Color Television and was recorded and mixed during the winter months of January and February 2017 in a small Chicago apartment.

Color Television Instagram | Bandcamp