On October 22nd, Chicago rock trio, Long Live the Goat, released their first music video for the hard-hitting track, “Drag”.

The video plays out like a dream come true. Not only does it look like they’re having a badass time playing, but then they’re fed beer and swarmed by women? Debauchery at its finest, and it’s all captured on film.

“Drag” drips rock, from the uncompromising vocals to the screeching lead guitar. It begins with just as much energy as it ends with. Grab a beer and watch it below:

Long Live the Goat is the newest product from Chicago rockers, brothers Alex & Brett Fishback along with Jack Kerwin. This video is released in advance of their upcoming EP, The Dark King.

November 6th at Moe’s Tavern in Chicago, IL
November 25th at Quencher’s Saloon in Chicago, IL

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