Chicago’s foremost artistic hip-hop group Sex No Babies celebrated Valentine’s Day last week with the release of a new video for the single “Bob Ross”! Hopefully you were also celebrating your V-Day with some “Sex, No Babies” (wink) but in case you missed out here is “Bob Ross” in all of it’s glory. Be sure to click that “unmute” button for full enjoyment.

Don’t let the title fool you, “Bob Ross” is not a “happy little tree” song. It’s a racially and politically charged statement crammed into a 2-minute drum and synth groove. The track hits you and is gone in a flash but it leaves a lasting imprint. Frontman and MC Rahim Salaam fits an incredible amount of subject matter in such a short time. The song is truly a marriage of activism and music in it’s most efficient form.

The video was directed & edited by Daniela Colucci along with Fintan Rowan Mason and is a perfect companion to an already great track. The band is: Ben Moroney, Glad Matt, Benjamin Karas, & Rahim Salaam.

Snag the digital single via bandcamp and catch them live tomorrow, Saturday 24th, at Evergreen Manor, RSVP and get the details on the Facebook event page.

Sex No Babies Bandcamp | Facebook