It’s a very rare opportunity to have the chance to see the same band twice over the same weekend, but fans of The Shams Band will lucky enough to experience this “Weekend of Shams” phenomenon. For two nights in a row, August 16 and August 17, the outfit will perform at Schubas with a handful of excellent supporting bands.


To those not yet familiar with The Shams Band, their blend of americana, blues, and rock has been described as “rock ‘n’ roll with a banjo”, and to argue otherwise would be a waste of breath. They pride themselves on creating a truly personal concert experience, bringing their songs to life on stage and sending their audience home with melodies in their heads. Having opened for bands such as Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes and Drive-By Truckers, The Shams Band have built an impressive history of past performances, and I don’t anticipate “Weekend of Shams” to be any different.

On Friday, The Shams Band will be supported by The Howlin’ Brothers and Leadfoot, and by Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes and Derek Nelson the following evening.

Either way, each of these Shams-centric evenings will be a whirlwind of soulful harmonies, toe-tapping jams, and good music. Check out their 2012 release, Cold City, after the jump.

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