Even though it’s been out for over a year now, Stay Positive by The Peekaboos still finds it’s way onto my turntable fairly regularly. It’s fun, energetic, catchy, but also a little rough around the edges (in all the right ways).

The band just celebrated their two year anniversary, and they did it in style. To start off the celebration, they premiered a new video for their song “Heaven’s Gate”, complete with a big screen TV and a live show at Emporium Arcade Bar last Tuesday. They continued the festivities into the weekend with a birthday performance at Distractions/Distortions, a yearly gathering of amazing local acts that The Peekaboos helped kickstart a couple years back.

With a new album in the works and plenty of fresh material finding it’s way into their live set, their showing no sign of slowing down. Even with the anticipation of the album, it’s great to see this Peekaboos classic get a video treatment. Check it out below and get a glimpse into the 4 unique personalities that make up The Peekaboos. And of course, stay tuned for the new album coming soon.

Upcoming Shows:
May 4th @ Township
May 27th Midwest Action Party @ Empty Bottle w/Daikaiju, MAMA, & Alright Panther

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