Milwaukee’s ever-present, always exciting, brash young go-getters, The Delphines, are at it again. This time they’ve paid tribute to one of the great fathers of Detroit rock, with their hard-hitting cover of The Stooges classic, “Shake Appeal”. As if this wasn’t pleasing enough to your ears, they did it all for charity.


Every 500 free downloads of “Shake Appeal” sends a Chinese student to the US for school and provides them with eye care through the charity Stepping Stones China.

The Delphines effortlessly chug through this raunchy Iggy Pop track as if they ate, drank, and lived the unstoppable energy of Raw Power all their lives. The band was asked to record the song for the release of Kirk Kjeldsen’s new book, “Tomorrow City”, and they really did it right.

You have no reason not to follow the link below and dance your ass off to this new single. You’ll be fulfilling your good deed for the day at the same time, and all you have to do is click here. Enjoy.

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