Happy Thursday! I’ve been looking forward to today for a week or two now. Myself and the other bloggers were thinking of a few ways for us to expand and bring new music to you in a new way. And thus, The Corner Booth was born.

We bring you TCB from the place where we’re most comfortable talking about new tunes: our local eatery our local diner. Every two weeks, MWA’s Chicago bloggers are each going to bring one song to the table; we’ll give it a listen, chat about it for a bit, and enjoy our coffee and cheese fries.

For our first podcast, the Baby Magic, Post-Honeymoon, Post-Child, Pink Frost, and the Fatty Acids make their Corner Booth debut.

This was unbelievably fun, and we’re all looking forward to our next one where we can really get the format down, kick even more ass, and not lose the ranch.

The Baby Magicthebabymagicmusic.bandcamp.com
Pink Frostpinkfrost.bandcamp.com
The Fatty Acidsthefattyacids.bandcamp.com

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