To say The Baby Magic bring a unique style to today’s modern rock is an egregious understatement. With scratchy vocals from front woman Mary Beth Brennan and driving punk rock guitars and drums from Patrick Coleman and Santiago Guerrero, this is the new band you don’t want your mother to find you listening too.

the baby magic

They have been called “shamefully alluring…” and that’s one of the best ways to describe them. Lyrics that will make even the hardest of rockers blush from time to time, there’s something sinfully delightful about blasting their album Whoopsy Daisy as loud as you can. You cannot help but bob your head along as you hear their driving riffs and punk rooted drum beats. Bringing back that same kind of “screw the world” mentality that this Midwest Action writer experienced while discovering The Ramones, The Baby Magic just makes you want jump and say screw it to everything. None is more obvious than with their track “Empty Sex” but here’s your big time WARNING, I would not be blasting this at work when the boss is walking by. Headphones people, headphones!

This trio is slowly making their way around to all the classy Chicago establishments but are going to be leading the revolution against decency at The Subteranean on Thursday August 8th. If you’re having a rough week and just want to thrash around, then this is a show you do not want to miss. Straight from The Baby Magic’s twitter feed: “Show at Sub T on Thursday August 8th. Getting your lungs and pants ready!”

the baby magic

Ticket at the door is going to cost you $8 but HEY, you also get to check out TIGERLACE, Swimsuit Addition, and Mr. Ma’am. Not bad for $8.

Doors @ 7:30 / Show @ 8:00 PM, but sorry all you young rockers, you’re going to have to be 21 and up for this one. 

You can stream the whole album of Whoopsy Daisy after the jump and pick up a digital copy for, guess what, $8.

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