In a small southwest suburb of Chicago, a blossoming podcast about local music is gaining steam. A Handsome Bear is a group of friends who, simply enough, love local music and want to spread the word about the things they like. The podcast is only on its third episode, but the banter is smooth, the guests are talented, and it seems like they’ve been podcasting for years. It’s a casual, fun tone, and A Handsome Bear asks all the right questions to keep the subject matter (mostly) relevant to local music.

ahandsomebearOn June 23rd, A Handsome Bear interviewed suburban outfit, Freaks for Geeks. In this podcast, they chat about their band structure, roots, and inspirations behind their music. “Harker” and “Dark & Grimm” make their acoustic debuts in episode three, along with two other hip-hop influenced songs. You’ll also get a chance to hear the one-of-a-kind A Handsome Bear Episode Three Theme Song. Spoiler alert: It’s as awesome as you think it is.

Local music is not dead, nor has it ever diminished. We want you to come sit down with us and talk about who you are and express yourself with your sound. Don’t be shy, everyone is talented they just need someone to listen.

Join A Handsome Bear in their quest for sponsorship from Wolfgang Puck, and enjoy the on-air sounds of other people enjoying a fresh brewed keurig cup of Jamaica Me Crazy.

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