This tune is something unique to say the least. It will make you laugh but it will also make you bounce your head pretty hard. The newest trend in this legitimate comedic hip hop is Mike P. An accomplished artist in his own right, and a beat boxer that can lay it out pretty well, he can also add sick “white” rapper to his credit. He’s played the Cubby Bear and all over Chicago  bringing his rhythms to the masses and he is showing no signs of slowing down.

Ok. So with a lead single called “White as Shit” you don’t know what to expect. Maybe some comedy, maybe something else. Well this video certainly falls into the latter. While masked behind goofiness, there is some seriously awesome references hidden within the horn blasts. So without further ado, Mike P – “White as Shit”.

P.S. Stick around after the video for some rather impressive free style and beat box from Mike P himself. Oh and I wouldn’t be blasting this in the office as loud as you can just yet, headphones folks.

mike 1So maybe it’s not your thing right off the bat but I guarantee that you’ll want to watch again and again until before you know it you’re in the elevator humming “I’m White as shit but my shit ain’t white…”

If you liked what Mike P was bringing to the table and want to see what this guy is all about then make your way out to Hockstar Presents: Chicago Hip-Hop & R&B Show where Mike P along with 7 other hip hop artists will be presenting their craft. Show is at The Bar 10 Doors where there’s always some great drink specials.

Be sure to check out Mike P on his social media pages and stop by his YouTube channel for some other of his musical styles.

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