If you’ve visited us at all this week, you may recognize the name, The Noise FM. On Tuesday, my fellow blogger, Dan Fiorio, recommended giving the group’s newest track “Crooked Smile” a spin. There isn’t much to say about the song that Dan didn’t already put much more eloquently than I could have, so give that post a quick read if you missed it.

The track comes from The Noise FM’s latest LP, Attraction, and the record is home to nine other songs that I would recommend just as wholeheartedly as “Crooked Smile”. Attraction is getting the official release treatment tomorrow night at Township, and we’ve got the details for you.

Originally from Kansas, the Chicago trio plays fast, fun, indie-rock with pop sensibilities. Album standouts include “Scam Artist”, “Fools”, and the criminally catchy, “Every Other Word”, for which you can check out the paint and powder filled music video, below.

Released via The Record Machine, you can grab free downloads of “Every Other Word” and “Crooked Smile” from the group’s Bandcamp, or grab the full record (highly recommended) for just $10.

The 21+ over show kicks off at Township (2200 N California Ave) tomorrow night at 9:00 PM. Opening up for The Noise FM will be The Kickbacks and Cowboy Indian Bear. Tickets will only put you back $5 and can be picked up online or at the door before the show.

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