American rock band Styx has announced that they will play Caesar’s Horseshoe Hammond on Friday, December 11. The Horseshoe’s exclusive concert hall, The Venue, will showcase the event in what’s expected to be a packed show.

The band just recently finished a tour supporting the legendary Def Leppard on their US tour, which stretched from June 23rd all the way until October 3rd. The bands were also joined by 80s American rock band, Tesla. The tour stopped off at places such as Mt. Pleasant, Youngstown and Grand Forks as well as a host of regular tour spots.

Over the years, Styx had 16 top 40 singles in the US charts and became well-known in Europe and Japan especially during the 80s. Their most notable tracks include ‘The Best of Times’, ‘Babe’, ‘Come Sail Away’ and ‘Boat on the River’. The last track of the aforementioned list garnered them the most attention outside of the US.

The Chicago date is part of the 32-date US tour that the band will begin on November 8th and finish on February 17th. Styx will be playing a host of casino resorts throughout the tour, which seems to be commonplace for most aging rock bands nowadays.

Casinos have begun giving platforms to musicians across the US as the establishments look to offer a more flexible entertainment portfolio to the regions they are situated in. Due to falling profits across the physical casino industry, online platforms now post huge profits especially in the US, as the online gambling industry is predicted to be worth $7.4 billion by 2017. This is partly due to the fact that online portals are now making the whole experience as lifelike as possible, with many of the leading providers even showcasing live dealers on their websites. Which ultimately has greatly impacted the revenues of land-based casinos across the land ever since portals have started to emergence again in the US after the notorious Black Friday cull.

Thankfully for touring bands, this means more and more casinos are now booking the Styx of this world to play regularly across the US. And frankly, who are we to moan?