Later this week, bands from Chicago, Cleveland, Kentucky and South Africa will share a bill at The Auxiliary Art Center, and you’re fucking up if you miss it.

I first caught Make-Overs last summer, when they played a bruiser of a show at Bric A Brac Records in Logan Square. The duo’s combination of thrashing, hypnotic riffs, demolition derby percussion and wild vocals had me eloquently proclaiming them my new favorite band by set’s end. Back in the states for the third time, Make-Overs have been using the Windy City as their base of operations, playing gigs all over town and throughout the Midwest since early September. This is one of their last shows in town before they head east with The Sueves.

From a less exotic locale (read: Cleveland) comes the blown-out basement punk of Oxbnox.  A sonic Frankenstein’s Monster created by experimental musician Lamont “Bim” Thomas, Obnox is at least parts punk, blues, shoegaze, grunge and gospel, and who knows what else is hidden behind the fuzz. Obnox are another explosive live act, and between them and Make-Overs Auxiliary Arts might want to have a solid evacuation plan in place. Also visiting Chicago for the evening are The Cartoons, a five-piece rock band from Bowling Green, Kentucky that ought to do a little less damage. Their new EP Draw! (out Oct. 31) should have something for everyone: a pop-punk love song, a wandering jam that sizzles to a tantrum, and a soaring alt-rock ballad.

Starting for the home team are a couple of Hozac bands,  chaotic upstarts Nones and local favorites Heavy Times. I last saw Nones on a hot, drunk July night at the Bottle on a bill with Running and Oozing Wound. I woke up the next day with a drill-to-the-head hangover, wearing a sweat-soaked Nones tank-top and clutching their 2014 record Midwestern Family Values as if it were my booze-addled lover. Either I was visited and fucked by the Nones Fairy, or it was a hell of a show (both?). Now, one can’t talk about hangovers and Chicago rock without mentioning Heavy Times, whose bulldozing, mesmerizing, face-crushing brand of punk pairs beautifully with substance abuse. Good thing this show goes down on a Friday night.

It all goes down on Friday, October 23rd at the Auxiliary Art Center (7 PM, $7, 21+). Show starts promptly at 7, over by midnight. Complimentary beverages courtesy of Powell Brew House.

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