In a world where pop rock can go unchecked and can become something terrible quick there is one constant that remains, Oh No Fiasco. Their pop electronic sound is clear, their lyrics are poignant and impressive, and their overall sound makes listeners just want to jump up. Oh No Fiasco is a guaranteed good listen, fear not with this electronic quintet.

With driving female led vocals Oh No Fiasco just crushes the genre of pop rock music. With songs ranging from slow driving ballads like “Falling Sky” to electronic goodies like “Stand In Lover”, this is a band that delivers on all tracks. Their latest EP No One’s Gotta Know is 5 songs of pure amazing and a great deal for anyone. They are currently on tour to promote it but if you need a sample RIGHT NOW here’s “Stand in Lover” from No One’s Gotta Know:

If you’re like this Midwest Action writer than you have to see these guys (and lady) as soon as possible and you’re in luck. Oh No Fiasco is opening for Ghost Town at The Beat Kitchen this Thursday (tomorrow!!!). This is the Beat Kitchen’s early show, so doors are opening up at 6:30pm and the show is kicking off at 7pm. It’s going to cost you $12 and even better news is it’s all ages.Need another reason to check them out? Here’s an amazing cover of “I Want You Back”. Revel in it:

If you’re digging Oh No Fiasco and want to stream some of their new EP check it out after the jump and be sure to check them out on their various social medias.

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