The Features have quickly been on the rise and although they have been around since early 2000s, it has been in recent time they have come to light. With the creation of Serpents and Snakes (John Rudolph’s latest record label) and their subsequent signing, The Features are hard to stop right now. Right on their heels are The Bright White. In 2011 the Bright White released Until Then and right after that in 2012 released Loose Yourself. If back to back releases wasn’t enough for you they have been rocking the local Chicago clubs since then.


The Features have had their ups and downs in the music industry but are on an upswing that seems hard to stop. Their recently released album, The Features, marks the fourth full length studio album from these guys. They have had everything from songs featured in major motion pictures and getting to be the first band signed by The Kings of Leon on the Serpents & Snakes record label. Their latest video for their song “This Disorder” is an awesome video with an equally awesome song:

Opening for The Features this Friday is none other than local Chicago band The Bright White. They have been compared to the sounds of early Foo Fighters, Oasis, and Superdrag. In a Midwest Action conversation, we couldn’t help but notice a hint of Muse-sounding vocals. With all of this, it’s no wonder why you can’t seem to stop listening to them. “These Are The Days” is perfect example of how this band can create a hook that you can’t seem to not be singing.

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Both of these awesome Midwestern bands are going to be hitting the Bottom Lounge, sponsored by Q87.7 Underground, this Friday at 8pm (doors at 7pm). The tickets are going to cost you $15 and it’s 17+. Pre-order your tickets here or get them at the door (but you can bet these are going to go fast).

After the jump you can stream both of these band’s latest albums and don’t forget to check them out on Facebook and Bandcamp.

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