I am pretty sure it was Aristotle who said “Good habits formed at youth make all the difference” (see dad, I did use my college education for something) and that easily describes the new kids to the Chicago music scene, Zaramela. This is a band full of “good habits” (well, good by my standards) like a strong brass section, hip-hop/reggae/rock vocals, and strong drums, resulting in a very unique style. They’ve been around since 2011, and I think we can expect to see a lot from this quickly rising band.

With their EP Work (December 2012), their LP Gumbo (November 2013), and a new music video out and gaining steam, it’s a wonder when these guys ever get some sleep.  They have a cool and unique sound where they mix their brass, ska-like style with intermittent hip-hop and reggae. Just when you think you have it figured out, they turn around and throw some rock in. It’s this interesting style that sets them apart from a lot of the other new bands that are competing against them.

Zaramela 1

For a sampling of Zaramela’s unique style, check out my favorite track by these guys, “St. James Infirmary”, off their EP Work. The sound is reminiscent of a film-noir from the 40s that quickly picks up into a rocking tune. Don’t believe me? Blast this as loud as you can:

If you like Zaramela and want to see the full band performing in one of my all time favorite venues, then make your way out to Goose Island (3535 N Clark St, Chicago) this Saturday for good drafts and awesome tunes. Tickets are going to cost you $10 at the door, but you can save yourself $2 by pre-ordering them HERE.

Need a little more convincing? Check out Zaramela’s latest music video off Gumbo, “In Motion”. It’s an awesome example of all the outfit has to offer:

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