This Sunday, Midwest Action presents to you a sampling of some of our favorite Midwestern bands. From our very own city of Chicago, through Minnesota and all the way to North Dakota, we’ve got three bands that are sure to end your weekend (and subsequently start your week) on the highest of high notes.

Genre-bending, two harmonica players-having, blond mohawked singer-led Pennyroyal will still leave listeners completely sated. Like a highly evolved, adaptive beast of music, Pennyroyal puts a glam spin on the rock ‘n’ blues sound other bands are circling in on today.

Mike Castle‘s newest EP Everything Gold was released in July of 2014. The five-track EP, recorded with Jon Alvin (Baliff, Archie Powell & The Exports), is a follow-up to Castle’s 2013 solo debut, Nighthawks. Everything Gold is an impressively well-rounded album, offering moments of rock, blues, country, and pop.

The cherry on top of an awesome line-up this evening is Minot’s Wild Hands. Returning to Chicago after a successful spring tour, North Dakota hearts pick up banjos and geets to whip up some honest songs (with neato harmonies) about old shoes and Colorado and boomerangs and more what have you’s. The main goal is to be true, and the truth hurts – so they do it a fun way and it doesn’t seem like a big deal. The quartet is touring in support of their June 2014 full-length release, Oh, River.

So – what now? Collect the change from the bottom of your purse (or your European carryall), and head over to Uncommon Ground on Clark. As the venue doesn’t hold advance ticket sales, make sure to reserve a table to guarantee a seat for the show by calling 773-929-3680. For an evening filled with music and food at the greenest restaurant in Chicago, simply bring $8 the night of and an appetite for good tunes. Show starts at 8:00PM. RSVP here, and we hope to see you Sunday!

Wild Hands | Mike Castle | Pennyroyal | Uncommon Ground on Clark