Even those of us with the strongest of cerebrums can’t resist the brain-melting jams of VAYA, three-­piece experimental pop band out of Chicago. Jeff Kelley, Kevin Claxton, and Eric Ridder are the creative minds behind the outfit.

Coming to you out of Logan Square, their music is genre-­bending and unique, melding rhythms, riffs, and technical agility to create weirdly accessible songs. Ever since I saw Dirty Projectors at Pitchfork, I’ve had a bit of a music-crush on them, and it only makes sense that I’m feeling the same way about VAYA. With influences like the aforementioned Dirty Projectors, Maps & Atlases, and Deerhoof, can you blame me? My fingers don’t work in a way that makes such awesome noises on a guitar, so I absolutely respect and adore the mathy riffs VAYA’s pulled through most of their album.

The group, fresh off a SXSW tour, are celebrating their LP debut tonight. Vinyl, in a jacket hand-screened by the band in their bathroom (which is now covered in blue and red ink), will be on sale for only $10, but it’s bad ass and worth much more than that. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the LP on Bandcamp for a while now; check it out below and hope your brain stays intact (enough) for tonight.

Also playing tonight are Chicago Singles Club alumni, Oshwa and Geronimo!. The lush vocals and intricate instrumentation make Oshwa a compatible match for VAYA, whereas Geronimo!’s awesome fuzz and punk will pair nicely but in a totally different way. I’m already anticipating some high energy levels. Check out the Oshwa tunes below, and swing by our review of Buzz Yr Girlfriend: Vol 3 – The Metal David Byrne for some more thoughts on Geronimo!.

If you’re interested in going – awesome! Grab your crispest $5 bill and head to the Burlington this Saturday around 9:00PM. Music starts at 10:00PM; 21+. RSVP on Facebook, and pick up some of those sweet, sweet VAYA tunes. After all, a release show only happens once an album!

VAYA Official | Facebook | Instagram | Bandcamp