The holidays are finally over. Now we can get back to going to shows every weekend and getting drunk every night. The lineup this coming Saturday night at The Empty Bottle will surely provide enough noise to help you transition back into real life.

The ever prolific minds at Maximum Pelt Records are hosting a double release show to celebrate Unmanned Ship‘s new 7″ as well as a brand new 6-song EP from Chicago’s up-and-coming noise punks A.M. Stations. And since Max Pelt always knows how to throw a damn good party, Vamos and House Sounds will be on hand to keep you drinking and dancing all night.

The night will kick-off with the medium-fi rock of House Sounds. They’ve been members of the Max Pelt family for over a year now with the release of their 2013 cassette Interrobang. They skirt the lines between psych rock and surf but have some damn catchy verses crammed between all the noise jams. Hear for yourself:

A.M. Stations are a relatively new group but they’re wasting no time finding their sound and putting out a killer new tape via Max Pelt. Saturday will mark their label debut with the 6-track EP Tacoma. While I can only share the new track “Silver Drugs” I can say with confidence that this tape shreds. It’s got an energy to it that’s reminiscent of bands like Fugazi but with an even larger wall of noise behind the jangly guitars and vocals. Don’t leave without a copy of this tape in your pocket.

Vamos have been melting faces all over town for years now. You may have caught them at Riot Fest or just about every other night at Empty Bottle or Cole’s Bar. Their latest EP Midwaste made our Best of 2014 list and for good reason, it’s fun as hell. It’s music to drink cheap beer by, and it’ll probably have you screaming along by the end of the night.

Three dudes that can really play the shit out of their instruments, Unmanned Ship create an ever expanding universe of psychedelic instrumentals that you’re probably to high to handle right now. Luckily they fit on a 7″ record though. With an A-Side called “Crystal Pepsi” and the groovy B-side “Pad Thai Fighter” it’s hard not to love this new record.

Did I mention this show is FREE with RSVP? Simply go through the motions via this link and you’ll be able to blow your hard earned cash on booze and records this weekend. Seriously though, don’t snooze on the RSVP, it takes a minute and saves you $8 at the door.

Unmanned Ship’s new 7″ is still available for Pre-Order, if you hurry up and buy it before Saturday you’ll get an exclusive bonus cassette of a live jam the band played for a private audience last month, all for only $10. RSVP now so you can buy us a beer on Saturday with all the money you saved!

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