We love our fine Chicago music scene, but what we love even more is integrating the rest of the Midwest into it. Friday night is just a small sampling of how that works. The Burlington Bar will be host to three of Chicago’s finest acts as well as some incredible out-of-towners. Here’s what the night of music will entail (add booze and dancing as needed).

Indie rock outfit, Mooner, take the stage first. Opening the show with their sparkling keys and fun guitar lines, the evening is bound to start on a high note. With a new album in the works and two EPs under their belts they’ve got plenty of catchy country-tinged rock songs to get you moving.

Milwaukee’s The Midwestern Charm, live up to their name. Their music personifies the vast feeling of melancholy that defines much of the Midwest. They also write some damn good power pop.

Chicago’s The Dirty Pigeons have quite the act to follow, but if their live show is anything like the 2012 EP, we can only imagine they’re up for the challenge. They bring the same pop sensibilities to the table but add some R&B swagger to the mix. It’s hard not to tape your foot to these guys.

Closing out the night are The Holy Alimonies often take on some “bummer inducing” subject matter but do so in way that is infectious and almost danceable (ok, you can definitely dance to it).  Their album Blèssed Shit & Happy New Year is a great mix of country, rock n’ roll, and blues that offers up something a little bit different with each track.

We hope to see you at the Burlington on Friday at 8:00 PM. There is $7 suggested donation at the door, and might we suggest spending the rest of your pennies on booze? Because, well, we will be. RSVP on FaceBook. See you there!

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