Dear Precious Kitten Babies,

I come to you again with yet another offering of music-based goodness! I know what you’re saying – “But kind sir, I have just gathered and recombobulated my brains from the sheer amazanity of the last program you promoted.”

WORRY NOT. I’m giving you my NO-COMBOBULATION guarantee (not valid in New Hampshire)! So, now that we a have that covered, clear your schedule for Saturday, March 7th and make your way to Quencher’s Saloon at 8PM sharp!

Starting the night out right, there’s a new act in Chicago. Pumped full of enough reverb and fuzz to drown a cat, BlackGlass is a 3 piece made up of Sarah Sydow (Bad Bad Meow & Natalie Grace Alford), Dan Jarvis (Bad Applesauce), and some other cup of ass.

After that, Freaks for Geeks will be reducing your face to a mere pool of carbon-based soup with catchy hooks, and lyrics spoken a such a rapid rate the lead singer is now under suspicion of abusing rhyme-enhancing drugs. Oh, you think we’re just going to wet your appetite for rhythmic speech then leave you hot and bothered like some middle school tease? Not the case.

Glow Mechanics is up next – hailing from Minneapolis full of both hips, hops, and I imagine if you stand on those tip toes some heavy ass beats.

Finally, we have The Golden Rule releasing their much anticipated EP, CROWES – indie rock with a bit of a skip hop that will take what ever you have left in you and spray it across the dance floor. It sounds gruesome, but it’s way fun, I promise. Afterward, there will be counseling offered to those who need help coping with what they just saw, and hooch for those who know how to cope with what they just saw.

It will be a night of frivolity, nudaciousness, and lord knows there will be a Boozening most supreme! I better see you there, you butts.

With all the love my heart can posses,
Silas James Mishler

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