Blues mixed with punk and rock has to be one of the greatest genres ever created (in my humble opinion). Currently in the Midwest, there are many bands attempting this style, but North by North is owning it. With grooving beats and amazing lyrics, it’s nearly impossible not to love this band.

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Haling from as far away as Texas and South Carolina, this rocking band is now calling the Midwest their home. They have been working on their new album Something Wicked and have recently released two tracks that will be featured on the album. While both are great, their single “Soft Soul” is a beautiful blend of keys, guitar, and airy but capturing vocals. If that sample is anything like the album to come, then we are all in for something fantastic.

Low res North by north bandIf you enjoyed that track and you need more (I know I do), then you can hit up The Beat Kitchen this Saturday from 4:30-7:00pm while North by North play all four sides of Something Wicked. If you RSVP early enough then you’re entitled to free pizza but wait there’s more! The entry fee for this free pizza bash is $0. That’s right, it’s free, and what’s even better is that during the listening party you have a chance to sign up for pre-sale of the vinyl which includes a digital copy that you can download the very same night.

Check out their social media channels for updates, and if you can’t make it to the party, then you can pick up a copy of Something Wicked as early as November 19th.

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