Noah Harris has been strumming on his guitar for over a decade both in his own projects and backing some big names in the music game. But now he has begun making a name for himself. It’s that name that his latest project is taking shape under as he prepares his first solo record release. With a gritty vocal and soulful strum on his guitar, Noah Harris is a Midwestern artist you want to keep your eye on.

Noah is currently located in Champaign IL for now but makes his way to Chicago often to bring his brand of psych-southern rock to the masses. In between these shows he was able to lay out an early EP/sample of things to come entitled Solo Demonstration EP. While he describes it as “…home made demos, just me by my lonesome doodling away” there is so much more to it.

Noah 3

There are some great ideas being presented in a unique sound that sucks in the listener from the start. “Stand Up Man” and “Avoir du Cœur” are stand out tracks that set the tone for what Noah Harris is all about. With a hard rock strum and some intoxicating lyrics, I dare you not to get hooked on this song.

If you’d like to see Noah in action alongside Louisiana’s dark star and Orpheus of the underground, Dax Riggs, then you can head on out to the Beat Kitchen this Saturday to see the show. The tickets will cost you $12 and the doors are flying open at 9:30. Sorry kids, this is a 21+ show (get the fakes IDs out).

Want to hear more from Noah Harris? Be sure to check out his bandcamp for some other tracks and subscribe to his social media sites to get all the updates on shows and that upcoming release.

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