We love record release shows here at Midwest Action. We love them even more when they’re records we’ve been dying to hear for sometime now.


This Thursday, Axons, the solo electronic project of Adele Nicholas, will be releasing her long-awaited debut EP, Inter Vivos. The cassette will be available at the show and on bandcamp, but snag one while you can because they will be limited! We gave the single “Still Light” a spin earlier this week but in case you missed it here it is again:

The dreamy, intricate synthesizer melody is a perfect juxtaposition to Adele’s slow drawn out vocal lines, while a simple drum machine beat provides quick tempo changes that really keep the momentum going.

Getting the  night started is Bode Radio, the experimental electronic trip-hop project of Alex Yoffe & Spencer Herbert. Alex has been composing interesting beats for years now and has collected them into a full length LP called Dust Bowl Masquerade, released last October. The physical CD copies have long sold out, but you can still stream and buy the digital album via bandcamp. Here’s a taste of what you’re in for.

Headlining the evening is the one and only Mister Suit, Chicago’s answer to noisy electronic rock. His songs are part new wave, part indie rock, and all electronic dance party. Check out the energetic “Happen 2 U” and you’ll be hooked. The erratic reverb drenched guitar falls to the background of the mix but creates a landscape of noise for synth lines and pounding drum and bass to jump to the forefront of the track. On top of the instrumentation, Garret Jones’ powerful vocals come at you full force with an immediacy and conviction that’s hard to ignore. Hear it for yourself:

These three tracks should be reason enough to make it out to this Thursday show in my opinion but if you still need convincing, Hex Hernandez will be lending the crowd his DJ skills between sets.

The night will get started at 9pm on Thursday March 13th at The Hideout (1354 W. Wabansia). Tickets will only run you $7, so you’ve got no excuse not to come out and celebrate Axons cassette release and get a nice sampling of Chicago’s best electronic acts while you’re at it!

Axons Official | Facebook | Bandcamp
Bode Radio Facebook | Bandcamp
Mister Suit Facebook | Bandcamp