What do France and the Midwest have in common? Nothing really unless you count the Midwest Action repeat star and French native Julie Meckler, now residing in the great Windy City after bouncing all over the US for some time. After her travels and her decision to call Chicago home, she began making amazing music. With songs that paint movie scenes in your mind, I can sincerely say I am glad she picked the Midwest.

Following her September release of her new album QueensHead, we just had to look into Julie more. With a story that is worthy of a Wes Anderson movie (and she could write the soundtrack too), Julie Meckler has literally done it all. She left her native France in 2008 after a short career as a stage actress and then hit New York City. After traveling around a great debate came up: with a visa that had run its course, was it time to return to France or stick it out in America and live with the possibility of being deported? Thankfully, she took the risk and started selling out venues all over Chicago. While technically on the run, she pieced together a band comprising of bassist Brett Bakshis, guitarist Will Phalen, guest guitarist Ryan Anderson, trumpeter James Davis, and drummer/percussionist Shawn Rios.

From here it was the creation of her short album 9:30, and follow-up double single of “All Your Pretty Things” and “Manhattan” which were featured in our QueensHead release article by Eric Slager back in September. With a style that both mesmerizes and hooks the listener, she just has a sound that is so unique and impressive you can’t help but get lost in it. Picking a sample track for you to enjoy was near impossible, but I think you’ll enjoy this delightful Chicago based track:

Now have no fear kids, or INS for that matter, Julie married bandmate/composer Davis and has gained a Green Card (Thank you, Davis). This means she can legally tour the country, rock your ears, and send you to a dreamland via music. If you missed her record release show at The Hideout in Chicago, this Friday night as she opens for Ski Lodge and Brazos. The tickets will cost you $10 and the show kicks off at 10pm. This venue has a great bar and an even better atmosphere, so be sure to check it out.

Julie Meckler Solo

If you haven’t got enough of Julie Meckler, and let’s face it you haven’t, you can stream all of QueensHead after the jump as well as pick up a copy for $7 on her Bandcamp. Subscribe to the social media channels below for updates from this lovely French (but on her way to being American) treasure.

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