The Island of Misfit Toys started up in 2010 and since then they have quickly been making themselves known throughout the Chicago music scene. This is a band that cannot be nailed down to one sound. Sometimes they are fast indie pop and other times simple guitar rock.

They’re not happy with just a few simple instruments either, they have a need and desire to add anything they can think of, from banjos to accordions. It is this mismatch and pandemonium of music that makes The Island of Misfit Toys a band for everyone.

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TIoMT (their acronym not mine!) has a fun sound and an amazing sense of what makes music great. Infusing sounds from lead guitars with horns in the background on one track to another where the guitar is gently masked by mandolin and banjo. This is a band that will not be nailed down to one sound, or even one label for that matter. Working with the likes of Tandem Shop Records, Keep it Together Records, Skeletal Lightning Records, It’s a Trap! Records, and Broken World Media it can easily be said that these guys and gals are some of the hardest working musicians in the Midwest.

That hard work most recently culminated in a split album with Nervous Passenger entitled The Island of Misfit Toys / Nervous Passenger Split and just before that they released a special cassette album entitled Furiouser & Furiouser, complete with a digital download, in-case you’re not rocking the cassette player in your car these days. Each of these releases bring some great songs and an amazing vibe but the lead track from The Island of Misfit Toys / Nervous Passenger Split just caught my attention. It’s the perfect example of what this band does so well. Check out “The Cockroach Song”:

If you’d like to see this pandemonium for yourself then you’re in luck. The Island of Misfit Toys are hitting up The Subterranean this Friday. The show is kicking off at 9pm but the doors fly open at 8:30pm. You’ll get to warm up with Water House and the energetic antics of Peekaboos before the insanity of TIoMT hits the stage. It will cost you only $7! (that’s less than 2 gallons of gas…huh, that’s a bummer…) Get your tickets here.

So come on out and check the madness for yourself. I can promise you won’t regret it.

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As always, be sure to check these guys and gals out and stay up-to-date through their various social media outlets. Follow the link below to stream their debut album Bear Hair and some other great tunes over on Bandcamp.

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