We cover a lot of different types of music here on Midwest Action, and I am always happy when I get to dabble in the alternative rock genre. There are a lot of great hip hop and blues, as well as pop and folk,  outfits running around the streets of Chicago, but there are also a handful of great, pure rock bands. Ideamen is one of these great bands, and they bring their rock and roll straight from the south side of The Windy City.

Driven by keys and mixed with a speeding guitar and rock vocals, this band creates an awesome sound that does the rock genre proud, but also makes it quite their own. Founded in 2006, the band infuses 70s pop piano with modern rock and tops it off with dual-lead vocals (because mixing genres just wasn’t good enough). Ideamen’s first EP, Progress, earned the band international recognition and that brought them into the arms of Rotten Records who signed them to the label in 2008.

Ideamen Full Band

After the signing with Rotten Records, they released  May You Live in Interesting Times and have been rocking those tracks since 2009 on various tours and non-stop gigs. Along with a rigorous tour schedule, they’ve been building and supplying their own merch, working on new tracks, building a die-hard fan base, and generally living their lives. The big release of their sophomore album, Schemata, is on the horizon, and the time has arrived to celebrate.

Much a labor of time and love, this album has high promise for Ideamen fans. It utilizes their classic sound, but keeps things fresh and slightly experimental as well. The first video to promote the album, “Running Home”, is an awesome tune that truly shows what this band has to offer.

To help celebrate the official release of this long-awaited album, come on out to The Beat Kitchen on Friday. Show starts at 8pm and is going to cost you only $10.  You can pick up a copy of the album, grab some hand-made merch (I’ve got my eye on the personalized zippo), but mostly you get to see the guys tear it up live. Although listening from the comforts of home is nice, this is band you need to see live. The energy and music will make it a show you won’t soon forget.

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