Local Chicago rock/hip-hop group Hero Monster Zero is headlining the Metro this Friday, and if you’re familiar with the venue, you know that it’s kind of a big deal. The group has more than proven themselves worthy in the last two years by showcasing their ability to blend the pillars of alternative rock with elements of hip-hop, rap, pop, and the occasional funk groove.

Made up of drummer Ryan Birkett, bassist Jesse Walk, and guitarist Chris Stell, the quartet is led by guitarist/vocalist Andy Metz. The Seattle-born musician also performs as half of Chicago hip-hop duo 8090, and you can hear the genre’s influences happily make their way into Hero Monster Zero’s music.

Visit the group’s Bandcamp page for a free download of a live set recorded last April at Chicago’s Ultra Lounge, and get a taste of what you can expect from this Friday’s performance.

The 18+ show kicks off at 8:00 PM at the Metro – 3730 N Clark St. Tickets are $10, and setting the stage for Hero Monster Zero will be Kathy Greenholdt, Jeff Brown & the New Black, Magatha Trysty, and The Lost Brigade.

Hero Monster Zero Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp