Frontwoman Fest is taking the Burlington by storm this coming Saturday. Spearheaded by Elaine Davis of Spaces of Disappearance and Adele Nicholas of Impossible Colors, this genre-expanding line-up has been hand-picked by two active and influential women in the scene. Wondering if it’ll kick ass? We’re here to confirm that it will – for hours and hours.

This entire day of Chicago-based female fronted bands is presented by Impossible Colors, Midwest Action, Radio One Chicago, and Revolution Brewing.

Videobug | Facebook | 3:30PM

Dominated by synth and airy lead vocals, Videobug is the dreamy electronic project of Linda Malonis and Patrick Driscoll. Their second release (and first self-release), BX442, was issued in April of last year, and sounds just as fresh today as it did back then.

Axons | Facebook | 5:00PM

The solo project of Adele Nicholas, Axons, will take the stage around 5pm. Her live performance calls to mind the ambiance of Purity Ring’s and showcases her masterful ability to layer samples, vocals, and guitar. Axons’ debut full length record, Unmanageable, was released December 2nd at the Empty Bottle and is every bit as good as her performance.

The Baby Magic | Facebook | 7:15PM

The Baby Magic are raw in all the right ways, and singer Mary Beth’s vocals are as rowdy and unrestrained as the band’s live show. This outfit packs quite a punch and goes all out in every way possible. September saw the release of their album, Rent a Place in Hell.

Bleach Party | Facebook | 8:00PM

Bleach Party brings the best parts of garage and surf, puts Meg MacDuff’s vocals on top of it all, and makes some of the catchiest damn rock this side of Chicago. Bleach Party plays some powerful tunes, and they’ll be a nice contrast to some of the softer electronic acts from earlier in the evening.

Soddy Daisy | Facebook | 11:00PM

The unsung heroes (and heroine) of Chicago’s garage and doo-wop scene, Soddy Daisy are always a joy to see perform. Not only are they extremely instrumental in the city’s DIY music scene, but they are damn good at what they do. Super catchy and upbeat, but with the right amount of grit, just like rock ‘n roll is supposed to be.

The best part about the evening? All proceeds go to benefit Girls Rock! Chicago. A special limited edition compilation tape will also be for sale courtesy of Impossible Colors, with proceeds contributing to the donations. This event will also feature the release of the 2nd issue of For Your Consideration FYC ZINE. Tickets are $7; attendees must be 21+. RSVP here. Ready your ibuprofen and cancel your Sunday morning brunches – Frontwoman Fest is going to rock.

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