A few months ago, six prominent Chicago-based publications and labels officially joined forces as ElSounds. This weekend, ElSounds Fest is taking over Cole’s Bar and Cafe Mustache. Bringing you 25+ bands over the course of the weekend, it goes without saying that the line-up is really phenomenal. But, we do enjoy talking to you all about Midwestern music, and included a few notable acts below:

Lousy Trouts | August 23rd at Cafe Mustache

Lousy Trouts is the recently formed outfit led by Animals in Human Attire’s Jack Tell, with help from Jordan Maye and Alex Heaton. This project, driven by Jack, is a more folk-leaning, banjo-heavy version of his other bands, and just as good. The Guy Who Gave Everything Away But Sold His Boat was released late last March – with a good mix of song dynamics, textured instrumentation, and soul-searching lyricism, the debut album is sure to leave you wanting more.

Flesh Panthers | August 23rd at Cole’s Bar

If you’re curious where the name “Flesh Panthers” came from, do your research prior to Saturday. We recommend reading this FIVE x FIVE for the answers to your burning questions.

Soul Low | August 23rd at Cafe Mustache

Milwaukee’s Soul Low stole our hearts with their indie folk EP, Uneasy, and then AGAIN with the music video for their single “Tammy“. Every time we think it can’t get better, it does. Check out the outfit at Cafe Mustache Saturday evening.

Faux Paw | August 23rd at Cole’s Bar

With two years between their first album and the recently release Cocktail, Faux Paw is ready to remind the world (read: Chicago) just how hard they can rock, and maybe even roll. Hailing from West Lafayette, Indiana, the quartet is Midwest Action’s contribution from outside the local music scene. We premiered their delicious new video a few months ago – check it out again below (but not if you’re hungry):

Vaya | August 23rd at Cole’s Bar

Jeff and Kevin of Chicago Singles Club make up two-thirds of Logan Square math rock outfit, VAYA. BE THERE and catch their mathy guitar-work live.

Landmarks | August 24th at Cole’s Bar

Glossy guitar melodies and reverb-doused vocals swirl together and create the band’s entirely gripping soundscapes. Landmarks’ live show is an all-encompassing experience. Before you catch them on stage, refresh yourself on their self-titled EP (April 2014).

ElSounds Fest is this weekend, August 23rd and 24th, at Cole’s Bar and Cafe Mustache in Chicago. 21 and over; FREE. RSVP on Facebook and ‘like’ ElSounds on Facebook to stay up-to-date with each of the festival’s contributors. We’re looking forward to seeing your beautiful faces enjoying some beautiful bands!

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