It’s that time of year when you just want to cozy up with a nice big cup of cocoa and… watch a show. Yeah, that’s right – what’s better when the weather is starting to go downhill than getting out of the four walls that you’re going to become VERY familiar with as winter sets in? This Thursday, head to Chicago’s Mayne Stage to catch the warm tunes of a few great Midwestern musicians.

Dial In are releasing the first two singles from their upcoming EP, The Lost Frames EP, this Thursday. Sound familiar? Well, at least one song should. Some light research yields prior reviews of Dial In, all positive and praising the atmosphere their performance creates, while a listen of their available tracks confirms it. Their music is layered and dreamy – well-worth the experience (I believe) of attending and being swallowed by it. Marked by a great mix of vocals and keys, these pieces command attention and then fade away and swirl with their electronic side.

Also performing with Dial In are fellow Chicago outfits, Bellum Boca and Tyler Etters. Both bands are equal parts atmospheric and electronic, and are perfect compliments to Dial In’s tracks. The bill is entirely cohesive, and the night should flow perfectly.

Although I can’t confirm the availability of warm, comforting drinks at Mayne Stage, we have no doubts that good, live music will be available – and lots of it! Doors at 7:00PM; 17+. If you’re interested in going, RSVP on Facebook, or better yet, pick up a ticket online for $10 to guarantee you’ll be able to get in. Nobody wants to wait outside in November – don’t be that person.

We hope you’re able to make it out for a night of awesome music. Let us know how the show goes in the comments section below!

Dial In | Bellum Boca | Tyler Etters

UPDATE: Dial In premiered a new song today on Music.Defined! Check out “The Balloonist” here.