Bringing a little of the Windy City up to the Cream City is none other than the Illinois quartet of indie rockers, Carbon Tigers. Founded in 2009, the outfit are alumni in band-years, having released three albums, playing the Brooklyn Vegan Lolla afterparty, and balancing a full schedule of performances at this year’s SXSW.

The Wars at Home EP is relatively new to the scene; it was released in November of 2013, and after this post in particular, you’ve got no excuse for not getting it in your ears. The album is upbeat and filled with the light, summery tunes that we’re really craving this time of year. Although The Wars at Home holds only five songs, each of them are impactful and full, and I can only imagine how beautifully it might fill a venue.

Earlier this month, you may have caught the outfit at Eastside Music Tour, and this is your chance to get familiar with them on a whole new level. If you found yourself wrapped up in the warmth of Chris Wienke’s vocals or dynamic, atmospheric way the instrumentation came together and played with the energy of the space, then we recommend seeing Carbon Tigers as they pass through the lovely city of Milwaukee for the second time this month.

The best part about this show? It’s FREE. Yes, you read right. Just head to Yield Bar around 9:00PM (or 10 or so, according to the Facebook event) and enjoy Carbon Tigers’ sweet indie melodies. They’re set to hit the studio this coming May, so get your fix while you can.

RSVP here, and enjoy the night worry-free.

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