On Thursday, September 14th, Best Coast is taking a break from their tour with Paramore to play an intimate gig at Mahall’s Twenty Lanes in Lakewood, Ohio.

Best Coast made their debut in 2010 with their first full-length album release, Crazy for You. One of their most popular tracks, “Boyfriend,” comes from that first album. Since then, they have released two EPs and two full-lengths rife with a continuous stream of hits. Best Coast hasn’t lost any of the spunk or sound of their debut, and yet they have enough of an eclectic track list that they continue to stay fresh. Their most recent album, California Nights, is aptly named with both sunny and gloomy tones and a taste of West Coast

If you’d like to hear some of those hits played live, the September show will be a great chance to catch Best Coast headlining amid their major tour. For $25, you can enjoy their impressive discography of dreamy, aggressive music live in the dim-lit main stage of Mahall’s Twenty Lanes. It’s sure to be an intimate, timeless night.