Humanitarian, Hip Hop artist, activist, feminist, lecturer… Those are just a few words to describe hip hop artist Lah Tere. With her deep grooving beats she brings a new spin to the hip hop genre. Using her music as a weapon to speak out against poverty and the hard life that can plague certain areas of our world, she explains that you don’t have to accept the circumstances that you’re dealt. From Palestine to New York and back to Chicago, she brings a sound that is unique and powerful.

Born in Chicago’s Humboldt Park, she is part of the first generation of her family to be born in the U.S.  Early inspiration for her music and political work was gathered from her parents who are described as revolutionary educators and survivors of Chicago’s notorious ghettos. With this influence, she made waves being part of Rebel Diaz who were internationally known for their political views. From then till now, she has spoken out against violence against woman, police brutality, and creating a better society for everyone when the world doesn’t look so bright.

She has helped to start many arts and culture centers including Rebel Diaz Arts Collective in South Bronx and Momma’s Hip Hop Kitchen which serves as a multifaceted hip hop event designed to showcase inter-generational women artists. Lah Tere never stops; she is one of the hardest working woman in the hip hop business.

While her community work is impressive, her music is even more impressive. She takes her sounds all over the world to spread her message and is not afraid to visit the toughest war infested parts like Palestine (West Bank), Guatemala City, Ireland’s Ballymun, and Dominican Republic. She uses her songs, like her Chicago-inspired “Crush”, to show the hidden powers of hip hop, and while that is awesome they are also just so easy to rock to which makes it easy to get behind her message. Don’t believe me? Check out her latest music video for “Crush”.

With a power unmatched by many rappers and hip hop artists today, it’s no wonder that Lah Tere is making waves all over the world. Using old school hip hop beats, this artist brings a new sound to the airwaves and is not slowing down. She has taught hip hop to children all over the world and showed them that it is a source of healing and not just a music form that often times gets a negative slant.

Recently, she worked with children who reside in the barrios of Azua, helping to show that there is more in the world than the hard times they face every day. With her teachings, they used their natural positive energy and her hip hop skills to spread a positive message.

Lah Tere 3

We in the Windy City are lucky enough to have her coming back home for a guest performance with Oakland’s Los Rakas and Puerto Rico’s The Color Brown If you want to see her, and I know you do, she is going to be making The Subterranean bounce and shake this Saturday, November 2. Tickets are going to cost you $12.00 – $15.00 and if you want to pre-order the tickets you can click here.

You should definitely check out all her impressive community work and her AMAZING tracks.

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