Where did September go? I feel like just yesterday it was still summer. And now, it’s nearly Halloween. That’s frightening to me. Thankfully, there’s a fabulous show tonight at the Beachland Tavern in Cleveland, Ohio that will serve as a beautiful distraction. If you’re looking for a way to spend your Wednesday night that is going to soothe your soul and leave you feeling refreshed, may I strongly suggest this show, featuring two superb bands: David Wax Museum and Bombadil.


Recently, Bombadil released Metrics of Affection, an album that delivers many different life lessons in a genre-defying leap; from “Angeline,” an innocent metaphor of being lost in the city that can easily parallel one’s feelings of being lost in the world to “Isn’t it Funny,” which discusses a plethora of hardships one can face, this album serves as a strong insight into personal relationships, be they romantic or platonic.

Inarguably, this is the perfect album, easily ranking in my top ten for 2013. Each song has its own personality, aided in part by the shifting vocal delivery by either Daniel Michalak or Stuart Robinson, and solidified by the inability to neatly package this album into one clean-cut genre box. The songs are relatable, exploring topics such as heartbreak and insecurity (“Have Me” or “What Does it Mean”), as well as immense gratitude for the gifts of one’s life (“Thank You”).

We love this album so much that we’d like you to have it, too. We will be giving away a copy here at Midwest Action. Leave us a comment telling us about someone who is really important in your life. We’ll select the most heartfelt comment to win the album. The winner will be notified next Wednesday, 10/9.

  • Back in March I started talking to a woman I met on twitter. We started following each other because we are both fans of the same band, Pearl and the Beard. I never thought anything would really come of it. I had no idea that she’d become one of the most important people I’ve ever known. We started to realize that we are similar in almost every way possible and she quickly became like the older sister I’ve never had but always wanted. She has become a constant source of positivity and inspiration in my life. Aside from my mother, she is the strongest woman I know. She has passion and will power like no one else. She has also opened my ears to lots of amazing bands, Bombadil being one of them. I will always be thankful for everything she’s taught me and helped me with in these few short month. That is why I love her and that’s why she is so important to me.

  • George

    The most important, special, wonderful, amazing person in my life is Katy. I love my girlfriend. I love going to concerts with her the best. She makes music ……more amazing!

  • mike

    This person’s always been by my side, and never failed to raise my spirits when I’m down. Her name is Shadow and she’s my black lab. Hope that counts.

    • Of course it counts, we’re all dog lovers!

      Thanks, we will keep you updated